Wednesday, 29 March 2017

#MidWeekTease Incest? Not quite. Winter's Embrace #faeries #erotic #fantasy

Catchy title? I'm trying to be a bit more enticing and curious. Here is an excerpt from Winter's Embrace, found in Wayward Magic. The difference between Summer and Winter are more than just temperature!

Sometimes magic goes as planned. Sometimes, you get Wayward Magic.
Dive into eleven lush novellas full of magic and mystery that break the mold of traditional fantasy and romance with exciting, daring, and original stories.
From sinfully sexy, to devastatingly romantic, to charmingly sweet, this paranormal romance collection will capture your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat to see what happens next.

And now for the tease!

“That's enough, Bianca.”
She pulled her hands back, crossing them over her own spare chest and pouting. “Can I at least watch you some more?”
Verte's jaw dropped in surprise. The white faerie took a step toward Grey and slipped her hand under the hem of his shirt. It slid up to reveal the silvery hair on his belly. Verte's tongue flicked out to moisten her lips, keenly aware that her husband hadn't finished what he'd started. Bianca’s interruption, an inconvenience at first, grated.
“Please?” Bianca’s hand drifted down.
All the Summer faeries were related on some level. However, she wouldn't think of being sexual with one of her brothers in the royal line. Her eyes must have given her away.
“We don't share blood,” Grey explained to her. “When a new fae is born without color, they go to Mab.” Bianca knelt to kiss his exposed skin and open his pants.
“I could go,” Verte offered, turning and searching the room. There should be a door somewhere; this was a suite after all. She wasn't jealous of the white faerie. Although she'd grown more and more fond of Grey in the short time she'd known him, their marriage was arranged. She didn't imagine she held any sway over him, yet she couldn’t see herself with another faerie either. It just didn't seem right. The two she'd been with were nothing like Grey.
“Stay,” he ordered, freezing her feet to the floor.
“I thought I'd seen that,” Bianca mused. “You control her?”
Verte's stomach twisted at the thought. She knew she was powerless here, but to be controlled by one of the Winter faeries was her worst nightmare.
“She accepts my guidance,” Grey clarified, his steely eyes soft on Verte's. She relaxed and smiled. “Please undress,” he told her.
Verte trembled, torn. She trusted the grey faerie, as much as she could trust any Winter fae. Taking a deep breath, she resolved herself. This simply meant he thought she could trust Bianca as well. Taking two handfuls of her skirt, she started to lift it.
She reached her waist, shivering as they both watched intently. Bianca stroked Grey's erection while his hand reached around behind her, lifting Bianca's skirt. They all stopped when a loud knock came from the door.
“The queen bids me remind you of dinner.” The door didn't open and no one entered, to Verte's relief.
“She knows how to ruin all the best fun.”

But not yours! There are many more teases to enjoy!