Tuesday 7 March 2017

#tantalizingtuesday Oni 7 #japanese

Tuesday means I get to share a little more from Oni. Poor Hotaka is a little out of his element. Why would prey want a kiss?

Suzuki-san smiled and Hotaru wondered if she had ever seen so many teeth. They were brilliant white, especially his canines, pointing sharply.
“Hotaka Suzuki, and I would be happy to live here with you. You can call me Taka-kun.”
Hotaru smiled and stepped closer. “Then you should call me Hotaru-chan.”
Hotaru meant to extend her hand, sealing their deal, but instead her palm rested on his warm, bare chest. She stepped even closer, her breasts brushing his belly.
“Hotaru-chan?” he asked. “Do you?” He didn’t finish the question, didn’t need to. Hotaru closed her eyes and tipped her head back.
Hotaka thought he might jump out of his own skin. Here she was, the last of the hated Karasu line, and she expected him to kiss her? Oddly, the idea didn’t disgust him. He had killed many Karasu women and never toyed physically with any of them, showing them more mercy than the men by killing quickly.
His third eye opened, almost unbidden, and saw the beauty that was her soul. Had so many generations washed away the evil that had killed him centuries ago? He let that light draw him and he stooped, pursing his lips to meet hers.