Friday 3 November 2017

#FlasherFictionFriday Cosmos

Been a while since a participated, but this photo actually inspired something (which with how closed my imagination has been lately, really means something!) Join the other Flasher Fiction Friday participants as we each post 100 words based on this picture:
Silvery liquid spilled in a steady stream from an unmarked black bottle. Master held both away from him, toward me, and I tried to identify it. Thicker than water but thinner than molasses, it oozed into the goblet, reminding me of blood. The offering lacked aroma as well, doubly negating the possibility that the contents were blood.
“To your health.” Master pulled the bottle back but pushed the goblet even further toward me. The contents swirled and the silver became stars orbiting a dark center.
Trusting him explicitly, I poured the contents down my throat. The world exploded around me.