Tuesday, 7 November 2017

#TantalizingTuesday Dynamic Destiny

Sharing from a WIP that's about to go to editor. Here are 200 words from Dynamic Destiny. Hop to the blog to read all the contributions.

“We were working. I had to be the boss. Now…you are my Mistress.” He held her hands. “If you need to wait for the weekend, I understand.”
She remained dumbstruck for a few more heartbeats. Deep down, in the back of her head, Mistress D found her way back. He hadn’t been submissive all day, but even towering over her, as he did now, he was bending to her, yielding to her. She had to return that trust. He deserved that and more. Thrusting her chest out, she took a commanding stance. “Yes. I think I know just the place. Follow, boy.” She crooked her finger and led him to exam room four. Stepping out of the doorway, she pointed to the exam table. “Remove your clothes and bend over that.”
Without hesitation, he did as instructed.
Dropping her shirt to the floor, she brought her hand back and smacked it hard on his brown bottom. He winced, gritting his teeth. Her spanking was fast and vicious, her palms burning in moments. Even though his butt must burn more, he didn’t call yellow. Slowing her, breathing she explained. “I want your ass to burn when you fuck me. Stand up.”