Friday, 10 November 2017

#FlasherFictionFriday Reciprocity

Well, this one went dark. In my mind the daughter is actually 18 and the mother looks much younger than she is, but still... dark. Enjoy all the 100 word takes on this photo by hopping to the blog.

Gasping, his head hung limp. Looking down, streaks of sweat and dirt stained the denim of his shirt. What would he give for a sip of water? The answer stared him in the face.
“Admit it! You took her in your office, held her there until she agreed to pleasure you.”
He couldn’t look into the mother’s eyes, couldn’t face himself.
Yanking his hair, she pressed near enough their noses touched. “I…Yeah.” He tried to pull free, look away, but she stopped him.
“Then you won’t mind doing the same.”
His eyes widened as she hiked her skirt.
“Filthy man.”