Wednesday, 8 November 2017

#MidWeekTease Dynamic Destiny

Welcome to another MidWeekTease! I'm sharing another snippet from Dynamic Destiny. Let's take a closer look at Destiny in her week-day persona, shall we?

“Destiny, come here, please.”
She saved the new appointment and passed Mrs. Johnson her prescription. “There you go. The date’s at the bottom and I’ll call to remind you.”
“Thank you, Destiny.” The older woman folded the paper carefully before tucking it into her purse.
“Destiny!” Dr. Edgerton’s voice drew the attention of everyone in the waiting room.
“Excuse me,” Tucking a file under her arm, she hurried to the exam room. “Yes, Doctor?”
Mr. Lemon sat on the table while the doctor paced. As soon as he saw her, he threw an empty box into the recycle bin beside her, making her jump. It could easily have hit her. “You must restock these. I need tongue depressors.”
They’re in the closet next door. She thought it rather than speak, ducking out of the room. Moments later, she put the opened box in its place. Dr. Edgerton snatched one but didn’t acknowledge her. Slipping out again, she sighed before returning to her desk.
“Destiny?” The softer voice of Nurse Williams, Joyce, was better than the doctor’s bark. “We have a pap next and I can’t find the extra slides.”
Destiny opened the closet again, shifting samples and disposables, most in plastic packaging, until she found the box at the back. “Last one. I’ll order more.”
“Thanks, Destiny. Don’t let him get you down.”
“I try.” She hurried back to her desk where she jotted slides on a sticky note so she would remember to order them when the phone stopped ringing.
Dr. Edgerton was always demanding but rarely so inconsiderate. He kept her hopping, insisting that if he wasn’t taking a break, no one else could have the time for one either.
Destiny opened her lunch at the desk, using the hour they were closed to order slides and tests. She kicked off her shoes and wriggled her toes while she nibbled salmon wrapped in lettuce. Leftover from the night before, the herb crust was no longer crunchy but just as tasty.
“Destiny? Bring my lunch?”
With a sigh, she stepped into her shoes before walking to the end of the hall. There she opened the tiny fridge tucked in the last exam room. The table was old and the stirrups had gone missing years ago. They never used it, so this fridge made a good place to stash lunches. The one with medications and immunizations sat in exam room one. Pulling out the cloth wrapped bundle, she trudged to the closet that doubled as the doctor’s office.
He hunched over a desk, scrolling through pages on his computer. Dialysis. She didn’t ask how Miss Elliot was doing, knowing it wasn’t good.
“We could move you to exam four.” She set the lunch beside his mouse.
“No. Need that, just in case. I’m fine.”
“Okay.” Her gaze fell on Dr. Edgerton and the shadow along his jaw that matched the dark shining hair he combed to the left. He kept it cut short, but today, the ends curled slightly. Thick and glossy, Destiny had imagined running her hands through it more than once. However, the handsome doctor had made it clear she wasn’t his equal. Nurse Williams only came close to that standing.