Wednesday, 1 November 2017

#MidweekTease Dynamic Destiny

Happy Wednesday and first day of NaNoWriMo. I expect our numbers will fall slightly for the month, but I for one will try to continue to post either from my Nano WIP or other MS that are ready for betas and editors. Today, I have one looking for a beta. This Medical BDSM romance is lacking some connecting tissue and I'm ill-equipped to fill them in. I never know where its needed! What I do know, is how to develop a budding BDSM relationship. Here's Dr. Edgerton, a little farther down the path to submission.

“There. Rest, boy. We’ll start again soon.”
“Again?” He turned to look at her, forgetting the blindfold.
She pulled it off and her smile filled his vision. “Yes. You will have to see to my pleasure next, but rest now.”
His cock twitched at the thought even though he had no chance of getting hard again so soon. In that moment, the rush at the image of pleasuring her, pleasing her, he knew he had found his place, in her hands. A minute or two later, she wedged herself between him and the bench. Leaning back on it, she splayed her knees.
“Now, you’ve shown me how nimble your fingers are. Let’s see what you do without them. Just your mouth, please. If you need, I can tie your hands.”
His eyes locked on the downy short hair covering her mound. Pale, it nearly disappeared against her skin. “No, Mistress. That won’t be necessary.”
Dropping down, he inhaled her, waking his balls. Still spent, they echoed his cock in the desire to make a comeback.
He’d seen many vulvas in his office. Some with Brazilians, others with a fringe, and those who had never seen a blade. Mistress was perfect. Just long enough to be soft rather than bristly. Although easily overlooked, the hair was also good for chasing away ugly thoughts of adolescents. This was a woman.
He didn’t examine her as he did his patients. With them he wasn’t looking at a gaping pussy, but for discolored skin, sores, discharge, smells. Mistress, on the contrary, offered him a tempting treat and beautiful tableau.
Starting at her vagina and licking up, he used the full flat of his tongue to press over her urethra, flicking up at the end to catch her clit. Nose in her pubic hair, he worked his tongue around the hood protecting that barely exposed bud. It filled and grew into a tiny pea that he could close his lips on and suck.
Mistress cursed and gripped his hair in two fists, restricting his movement, preventing retreat. It didn’t stop him sliding down enough to thrust his tongue into her channel. He curled and straightened his tongue, falling sort of her g-spot but working over the sensitive entrance.
“Oh, yes. So good. So close.” Her legs tightened around his head and she started to quiver. Taking advantage of the moment, he pressed his upper lip and the slight stubble on it into her clit. Shaking his head up and down, side to side, he kept his tongue in place until she pushed him away.