Wednesday, 22 November 2017

#MidWeekTease Sin & Seduction boxed set ~ Ethereal Protector

Welcome to another Wednesday. Today I'm teasing from Ethereal Protector, which will be included in the Sin & Seduction boxed set. Grab your copy while it is only $0.99. The price will go up after release. A great deal for so many sizzling hot titles. Available exclusively on Amazon.

This excerpt is from a bad encounter for Summer, but her protector is there when she needs him.

In her room, Duncan was quick to join her on the bed, sliding one hand up her shorts and the other under her shirt.
At first, Summer reveled in it, loving how his fingers felt on her skin, how hot she became. She’d only had sex once before, but this rush was familiar.
She broke their kiss and he moved seamlessly to her ear, pressing more of his body against hers. His hand fumbled at his waist, opening his fly.
No longer completely comfortable with how quickly she was moving, how this seemed headed straight to intercourse, Summer knew she had to get the reins back. She planted her hands on his chest. “Duncan, slow down.”
“You feel so good.” He moaned as his hand covered her breast, catching her nipple between his fingers. He pinched, pulling it slightly.
Distracted, it took Summer another heartbeat to reassert herself. This felt wonderful, but she wasn’t prepared to have sex with him tonight. “Really, Duncan, back off, okay?”
The hand in her shorts came out and attacked her fly, pushing fabric aside.
“No, Duncan, stop, get off me.” She was torn between yelling at him and not wanting to wake Gwen and Paige.
“You want it. I can smell it.” He gripped the crotch of her shorts and panties, yanking both down as much as he could.
“No. I don’t want it. Stop.”
The lights flickered and the door slammed into the wall. Her photo of Mom and Dad flew from the dresser to knock Duncan solid on the temple. His eyes rolled up and he went limp.

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