Tuesday 31 October 2017

#TantalizingTuesday - Harowin and the Gaikotsu

My friend Naomi has asked me to join her again for Tantalizing Tuesdays. Halloween proved fertile ground fro a flash piece. I hope you enjoy my 200 words based on a picture. Then hop around and visit all the others!

Akiko followed Akane through the stalls. The aroma of pumpkin filled the air, rising from carved jack o’lanterns and soups and pies offered throughout. Halloween was a relatively new reason for celebration, but it was a glorious display of autumn colors and harvests.
“Back off,” Akane complained. “You’re practically hanging on me.”
Her clipped words slapped Akiko and she released Akane’s arm, stopping in the middle of the lane between stalls. “I’m so sorry.” She bowed, squeezing her eyes shut in shame.
Akane didn’t answer and when Akiko peeked with one eye, she didn’t see Akane anywhere. “Wait! Akane! Where did you go?”
She hurried forward, assuming Akane had continued along their current path. A hand closed on her shoulder. Akiko gasped when she turned to look at the skeleton that had grabbed her. His fingers were fleshy, despite the gloves that made them look bony. Examine closely, she determined that his face was painted black.
“Wow. You look amazing,” she murmured.
“I was about to say the same about you.”
Akiko, averted her gaze. “No, I don’t even have a costume.”

“Sure you do.” He insisted, leaning down and peering through her. He cupped her cheek. “You’re scary beneath.”