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Author Spotlight
Sleeping in the Dragons Den
Lexi Thorne

"His Hungry Dragon My Curious Desire"

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  "His Tattoo curse...My wet dream."


His Hungry Dragon My Curious Desire

She woke up with that growled word still in her ear. Her body was sweaty, and she had thrown the covers off sometime during the night. But Lucy was alone in her bed. As alone as she had always been after these dreams. As alone as she had been ever since the dream started when she turned eighteen. She stroked her hand across the tattoo over her heart. The intricate tattoo on his back was branded into her mind. It was the only thing she knew about him. The sad part of it was, she had never screamed like that for anyone else. It had ever only been him, the phantom man of her dreams. She had never told anyone about it, though. Though, she thought Con might have his suspicions.


He leaned closer. He used his thumb to raise her head so that she was looking up at him; her neck craned to see into his eyes as he leaned over her. He traced her lips, pressing his thumb against her lips, he pushed past them into her mouth. Her tongue swiped at his thumb. It was as though she was back in her dreams, but she could see him now the feelings were even more intense. She whimpered when he removed his thumb. He replaced it with his mouth, and she sighed, letting him between her lips without protest. It felt right. It felt perfect.

He wrapped his arms around her, and she drew her hands to his back, reveling in being able to touch him. Her fingers moved over the tattoos as she saw them in her mind's eye. He groaned when she touched the center of his back and pressed hard. He pulled her into lap and thrust his tongue deeper into her mouth. She moaned pushing her bra-clad breast into his chest.

The throat clearing didn’t break through their passion, but the lightly exclaimed, “Lucy!” broke through the haze.

She pulled away, and he grumbled, giving her a little space but not letting her out of his lap or arms.

“What?” He growled, pulling at the bed covers to wrap them around her shoulders. Wondering at the voice she heard, she turned as much as he would let her, toward the door. The faces at the door made her pale in shock and embarrassment.

“Jake? Con?”

Her best friend and her brother stood at the door to Jazz’ bedroom frowning with the same intensity as Andrea’s blinding smile.

About the Author:

Pet Names "Lexi Kat, Kitty Kat, or just Kat"

I write sexy erotic romances with a focus in paranormal romance, dark fantasy and urban fantasy. The majority of my stories are about LGBT pairings but I also write about heterosexual pairings as well. The majority of my stories however are lesbian erotic romances. So if you like some girl on girl action I'm your gal. I write sweet and sensual, as well as rough and kinky so I should be able to wet all of your appetites and fulfill your explicit desires.

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