Wednesday 11 October 2017

Dynamic Destiny #MidWeekTease #medical #romance #BDSM

Happy Wednesday! I have another tease from my medical romance, Dynamic Destiny. Mistress D is enjoying her night with her submissive, but that pesky doctor just won't leave her be. Be sure to hop around to all the other teasers (links at bottom)

The feeling of being watched returned and she figured it was one of the regulars. When she turned, however, she spied Dr. Edgerton again. Fixing him in her gaze, she kissed Robbie’s head and rubbed her cheek on it, imagining the doctor in his place.
Dr. Edgerton hurried away and she grinned, taking small comfort in making him uneasy.
“Yes, Robbie?”
He turned around to kiss one of her thighs. “May I go home? I feel like I’m going to fall asleep right here.”
She touched his cheek and shoulder. “You are free to go, but also welcome to nap in my lap.”
He took her hand and kissed each fingertip. “Thank you. I would rather sleep where I won’t have to wake before morning.”
“I understand.” Still holding the bag of ice water, she cupped some in her hand and splashed it on Robbie’s face. “Awake enough to get home?”
“Hit me again,” he said with a grin.
She tossed most of the back on his head and he shook it off with a “Brr! Yep, I’m awake now. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Sweet dreams, Robbie.”
She crossed her legs and watched Nicholas play with Alex until she yawned. Not that they weren’t fun to watch, but the effort of play was getting the better of her. Slipping into her trench coat, she hefted the duffle to her shoulder.
“May I?”
She spun at the hand on her shoulder and pulled it off, gripping it. Dr. Edgerton stood behind her and she relaxed her grip enough that he could pull his wrist free.
“I apologize. I only wanted to help.”
She looked him over. Chuck had decked him out like a Dom in shirtsleeves and slacks, although he didn’t tower as a Dominant would., backing away and almost cowering. How odd.
“No, thank you.” She spun on her toe but didn’t reach the door before he passed her, holding it open for her. “I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t offend.”
She sighed. “No. I’m just snappish. Unbecoming from one Dom to another.”
“Uh, yeah. I’m still figuring it all out.”
“You will. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, Mistress D.”
She smirked. He’d gone to the trouble of learning her name. Of course, that shouldn’t make her feel warm and fuzzy. It should terrify her. What would happen when he learned who she was?

Sliding behind her wheel, she rested her forehead on it. She was so screwed.