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Author Spotlight
The Red Queen
Abyrne Mostyn

"Driven to dominate, tempted to sub...trying to do both might just kill her."

A Limited Edition Spicy Romance Collection

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"Power and Control live at opposite ends of the whip. Which side are you on?"


Life is like a game of chess, there are pawns and there is royalty. At the end of the game, the last one standing is the Queen. She runs the show. Even the King, though royalty, is her pawn. It’s the price of being the Queen. Or is it?
Introduced in Swingers, we never got more than the Red Queen’s calling card. Margaret is a dominatrix, the master of all that happens around her at all times, but that wasn’t always true. How did she get here?
Her chambers are a playground for things that aren’t talked about in proper, polite circles, but perhaps in hushed whispers. Men and women alike flock to her for her dominion and the exquisite, disparate, ecstasy-torture she delivers as they ride the edge. A BDSM master, she is in demand by those who live the lifestyle, though few know who she is behind her guise. An hourglass in red leather, she never reveals her identity.
Will the walls she has erected keep her from finding her King?


“Do you know how to use that thing, or is it just for show?”
A female voice startled her from her thoughts. As she turned, a toe-headed woman wearing less fabric than Maggie thought she herself had on in her underwear alone was looking her up and down, all but licking her lips. Maggie looked her up and down, took a long swallow of her newly arrived club soda and bit loudly through an ice cube, clicking her teeth together in a tight smile before responding.
“Just how badly do you want to know?”
She surprised herself with what had come out of her mouth, but buried the reaction to hold the bluff. The woman toyed with her hair and tried to up her stare, leaning back to stand with her hip kicked out.
“For you hot stuff? I’ll let you throw at me for free.”
Margaret laughed out loud, finished her drink and set it down with a nod to the bartender for a refill before locking eyes with the woman, crooking and curling her finger for her to come closer. When the woman finally leaned in, Maggie dropped her voice to the low rumbling timber that Thorne used on her.
“Darlin', if you think for a second that I pay anyone for their privilege of feeling my toys, you are sorely mistaken. I didn’t come to court you. Pay up, or shut up and walk away before I give you a freebie. Feel me?”
The woman’s eyes had grown wider with every word Maggie had spoken. By the time she got to ‘freebie’ her pupils were fully dilated. Maggie was glad she had the Cat or the bluff would have been a lost game as the woman pulled money from a pocket in her wrist cuff and handed it to Maggie.
“What will this get me?”
Maggie unfolded two Grants and looked blankly at the woman thinking. She didn’t want to stay all night. Maybe she could change her mind another way. “Tonight? About twenty minutes.”
The woman didn’t flinch. Her breathy response made it clear she was sold even if it had been for five. “Deal.”

About the Author:

Writer/Aspiring Author/Insanity embodied...Abyrne has taken the leap from method roleplay to putting his writing out there with a name to love, hate, loath, crave, resent, or recommend. First published in the 1980′s, he took a long hiatus to put down roots and build a family. Now that his daughters are older, the tide has turned and he can get back to personal interests, spending time pursuing the dreams he put in the closet to support his children.

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