Wednesday 4 October 2017

#MidWeekTease WIP #medical #romance #erotica

Hello teasers! Sorry to have missed you the last couple weeks. I blame the cold for most of it. Thought I'd bring you another tease from my medical romance. Dr. Edgerton, Jeremy, is ready to submit to Mistress D. Are you ready for it?

"Now, I’ve been curious since you approached me. What do you have under there?” She pointed to his belt.
He closed his eyes and screwed up his courage. He’d dropped his pants here before, but being exposed and sucked didn’t compare to standing amid a room full of people completely in the buff.
“Do you need—” Mistress D’s words cut off as he dropped his pants and stepped out of them, kicking off shoes and socks. “Oh, my. Nothing else beneath? Is that common for you?”
“N-no, Mistress, but I didn’t know what would please you. Does this?” His hardness had flagged slightly with anxiety, but it grew again as her eyes, visible through the holes of her mask widened. Deep blue eyes. More than every he wanted to know who they belonged to. Who was she?
“A fine choice. Next time you might consider something soft and loose.” She walked around him, stilettoes clicking on the floor tiles. “Then I might pull them down and reveal this fine ass.”
He groaned as she seized both his buttocks in her hands.
“You make a fine point, though. We haven’t had a chance to discuss our expectations. For instance, are you experienced here?”:” She pulled his cheeks apart and slid her thumbs toward his anus.
“No, Mistress.”
“Are you open to the possibility?” Her finger drew a line up the crack and then his spine.
“Yes, Mistress.” He balled his hands into fists, fighting the ticklish feeling crawling up his back.
“Good. Why don’t you hold onto this?” Still behind him, she pushed his arms up and toward the handles on the padded, inclined bench. Easing his grip, he tried to relax. Completely unsuccessful, he looked over his shoulder for some sign of what to expect. The black she drew was not on his list of possibilities.
Sliding it over his eyes, she tied it behind his head. “Do you trust me?”
The question oddly relaxed him, probably because he knew his answer. “Yes, Mistress.”
“Good.” The word drawled and rolled, like a kiss for his ears. “First, for your sass.” She smacked him with an open hand. However, without his pants to dampen the spanking, he was soon gritting his teeth.
She seemed to know when the pain reached his tipping point, stopping and pressing herself against his back. Her hands came around his waist to rub down his thighs. “Color?”
Sighing as the sharpness faded into heat, he unclenched his jaw and answered. “Green.”
“Oh, good.”