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Author Spotlight
Living A Lie
Willsin Rowe

"One man’s lie is another man’s life."

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"Honesty doesn’t always require telling the truth…"


Fledgling executive Nathaniel has landed his dream job at the big end of town. The first step up from his impoverished upbringing, it means he’ll be working under Zac, the son of the CEO. And Nathaniel’s unrequited high school crush.
In a corporation notorious for its intolerance, the two men are hopelessly drawn to one another, risking their careers and even their livelihoods. But when the only kind of honesty that works is “brutal”, it’s easier to keep living a lie.


Fuck me, the man knew exactly how to tempt me. But I still felt crusty from last night. Before I could think of doing anything else, there was an even greater priority. “You said something about a shower?”
“Sure. Need someone to scrub your back?”
My heart leapt with excitement. “My back? Okay. To start with.” I released the belt from around his wrists. No way he could scrub me properly with that on.
Zac beamed like a child getting candy. He swung his legs down off the bed, suddenly as lively as a double espresso. “C’mon.”
I followed him through to the bathroom, which was as big as my mom’s entire apartment. And probably cost more than her whole building. “Damn. Got a map for this place?”
“You won’t need one. Just follow the bouncing balls.” He turned around and jogged backward away from me until he reached the shower recess, which looked like I could land a small plane in it.
If I’d been in a place like this with anyone but Zac, I’d have been overwhelmed, and probably more than a little angry. With anyone I didn’t know so well I’d think he was trying to show off, or rub my poverty in my face. But Zac had always seemed uncomfortable with his own ridiculous wealth.
He got the water running and stepped straight into it. Either he didn’t mind the cold, or he had the kind of system that delivered hot water immediately. The stream cascading over his body gave his pale skin a gorgeous sheen, and already he was turning red in patches. When he held out his hand, I couldn’t wait any longer, stepping in beside him.
Standing face-to-face, completely bare, I studied his eyes, and his pretty mouth. Zac put his hand on my shoulder, then slid it up to my neck, his small grin growing wider with every passing moment. Suddenly, he pulled me forward, dousing my head under the hot stream of water.
“Urgh. Asshole!” I shoved at him, trying to break his grip. Not so hard I’d send him falling or sliding, but enough to take control.
Zac turned and grabbed a bottle of something soapy, squirting a handful out. “Did sir order a back scrub?”
“Sir most certainly did.” I turned away and folded my arms. A brief moment passed before Zac pressed his gel-filled palms to my neck and made circles. He moved out to my shoulders, then back in to my spine. The lower his hands moved, the higher my cock went. Zac kept on rubbing until he was cupping my ass.
Without warning he slid one hand sideways down my crack, gliding it through until he was soaping my balls. He pulled back and slid both hands around me, grasping my cock and my bag. The heat of his body pressed right in against me, his mouth behind my ear, and his hard cock poking into the flesh of my ass.
“I seem to have misplaced sir’s back.”
“Uh…keep, uh…keep looking. You’ll find it.”
“Perhaps a closer inspection.”

About the Author:

Willsin Rowe spends all his time in the lush, warm parts down under. His stories feature strong, articulate heroes whose taste in women match his own. His heroines come complete with deliciously rounded curves, sharp tongues and witty minds.

Willsin writes with a distinctly male voice, infused with a charming Aussie wit and a deep love for his characters…even the baddies!

A celebrated cover artist and an instinctive bass player, he’s also a poet, a songwriter, and makes an amazing custard pie. He lives in Brisbane, Australia with his loving, curvy wife and his two clones… er, sons.

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