Tuesday, 30 January 2018

#tantalizingtuesday #pandora #sleepingbeauty #twistedfairytale Pandora: A Sleeping Beauty Tale

After far too long, I'm back to tease you! Here are 200 words based on this picture.
Pandora wrestled with her joy at seeing her mother again after so long and the envy she had for Bianca, the young woman Helen had been mothering while Pandora learned from Tabitha how to use the magic she had been born with.
The two older women chatted while Pandora gazed into her teacup. Her own reflection flickered and was replaced with the face she hated, the face of a murderer. The man had killed all her four-legged friends.
Prince Russel had managed to consummate the marriage he sought, but Pandora would trade faces with Tabitha before she would bow to such a man. If only she weren’t cursed to see him in every reflected surface.

Russel continued to shave even though he couldn't see his face any longer. Once he was home, he'd have servants to do it for him. Until then.
He cursed loudly and dropped the knife in a clatter when he cut himself for the third time. Curse the girl. What had she done to all the mirrors? This one also reflected the Princess, resplendent in silks and cavorting with a queen that could only be Helen. Every now and then the witch came into view. Damn them!

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