Wednesday, 6 June 2012

K.L. Phipps - Warped Exotic Mind

Today we welcome another new blogger on the scene. K.L. Phipps has been posting since March, just about as long as I have! So I asked her all the question a new blogger would like to ask. What has been your biggest hurdle so far?

Editing the blog for grammatical errors. Editing is not my strong suit at all. sigh

Heh, I'm glad I post in advance. Often I'll reread a post the day before and catch things. What social media do you use to bring readers to your blog?

At this moment, twitter is the only outlet. However, a facebook & website are in the works.

All things in their time. Your posts are very personal. Do you write when moved or do you maintain a posting schedule?

When something catches my eye or I feel the need to purge. Plus I had a discussion once with a follow reader that wished his favorite author was more open with the process they go through. I took his words to heart. So I let the readers see the full ugly process of creating a book as well as the author's journey to be published.

Showing the down and dirty are you? You have featured the work of at least one other author on your blog. Is that something you think you will do again?

Absolutely!!! I am a cheerleader for all unknown talent! Any person that has the courage to step out of their comfort zone to produce art has my full support!!!

Jots K.L.Phipps on her list of people to notify when Blue Moon House releases. Ahem, excuse me. You currently have two categories: Random Thoughts and Good Stuff. How do you determine what is which?

I typically make fun of myself. Random thoughts was created for the commentary blogs. The good stuff was created for the stories. I try to be considerate so people have a choice if they visit the blog and only wish to read one or the other.

Tries to think if she's ever made fun of herself on the blog... Do you expect you'll post more of your own writings? Are they generally works in progress or short/flash fiction pieces that stand alone?

Yes, I am very limited on time right now due to unfortunate events taken place in my life. All I seem to have time for focuses on writing the new book. But I plan to clean up the stories on the blog by the end of the week I hope.

I hope things sort themselves out and fortune shines on you again. We'll look forward to those writings!

Thank you so much for this. I appreciate it.