Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - Paperwork

Jocelyn's mouth snapped shut as a naked man entered the parlor. His skin was a lovely olive shade and glistened very slightly in the lamplight, as though he'd been sweating. He didn't cover himself at all, giving Jocelyn a perfect line of sight to his manhood, hanging between his legs. She smiled when it twitched and lengthened slightly.

“Howard!” Sophia snapped. “Did I give you permission to leave your room?”

“No, mistress,” he admitted, hanging his head.

Sophia scratched a few more words onto the paper. “Return. I will be there shortly.” She waited until Howard had left before handing the paper to Jocelyn. “If you would return here, you must agree to these terms. Also, I need know who you followed.”

Jocelyn looked up from scanning the page. “Beverly Hargrave.”

Sophia nodded. “Did she tell you she comes here?”

“No. The same rumors mentioned her.”

Sophia sighed and smiled slightly. “Only rumors then, and one very curious kitten who followed them.” Sophia leaned forward and kissed Jocelyn's lips, touching her tongue lightly to them. “I hope to see you again.”

“I'm sure you will,” Jocelyn answered, watching Sophia's hips sway as she exited.

This is an excerpt from a prequel that I'm writing for my upcoming novella Blue Moon House. Please read the other wonderful Tuesday Teasers!

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