Saturday 23 June 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - Naomi Shaw

If you follow the blog, you've already seen some my teasers posted for this weekly segment. Today I'm happy to host the originator of Tantalizing Tuesdays, Naomi Shaw. Where do the authors of Tantalizing Tuesdays meet?

I created a group on Facebooks where the members meet, sign up for the week and promote their stories.

And an interesting group it is! What else happens in the Facebook group?

I made the group secret, so we could invite people who we know will enjoy the challenge of a 200 word discipline. Also it means we don't have to worry about risqué pictures.

No, I've seen some especially tasty morsels pass through. Approximately how many authors participate each week? How often do you get new blood?

We get an average of 15 people participating each week. But we promote our work and others show interest. The group started in April and has tripled in size from the beginning.

That's a lot of growth in a short period. I can attest to the growing number of readers hitting those links! Is there a main page where a reader can check each week? Or do they usually find their way through a favourite author's blog?

I have just set up a Tantalizing Tuesday blog, I am gathering together authors bio's to put there, and the weekly picture inspirations. You will also find links to every participating author's blog on it. I try to give everyone some hype.

And we all benefit. It's a great system for sharing readers. What are the rules?

We get to choose our own picture each week. Then write a 200 word story inspired by it.

Wonderfully open ended. I know I've been teasing from a WIP and others do the same, but sometimes we just write whatever comes from the photo we found. How are the pictures chosen? Have you ever had problems with people not finding pictures?

A lot of people have saved pictures, but there are also albums of pictures in the group we can choose from if we are stuck. Sherry Palmer, Bonni Sansom and Muffy Wilson helped create those.

And having gone diving through them, I will let you know they are excellent. How often do people add themselves to the list and not have a piece? Do readers ever get upset when that happens?

To be honest that hardly ever happens, and if it does there is usually a good reason. So nobody worries. I said right at the beginning the group was created for fun with no pressure.

I see. Obviously you promote via Facebook. Do you draw readers through other media as well?

All the stories get promoted on Twitter each week as well as the blog. I make sure of that. The writers are all friends and I want to help them.

Is there a twitter hashtag that makes the blogs more accessible?

No, not at the moment.

Thank you for your time, Naomi! I might be building a list of twitter handles and creating a tag soon. :) I'm a twitter nut. Remember to check out the  Tantalizing Tuesday blog this Tuesday!