Monday, 18 June 2012

Tuesday Tales - Jean Joachim

Tuesday Tales is hosted by Jean Joachim. I thought to find out a little more about the group and the fiction they write. What are the rules? 

Not too many rules. I must have the link and opening sentences by Monday 7pm. No promoting on our Facebook page except for new book covers. No word limits except for the picture prompts. Those must be 300 words. No rating rules. Just include the rating and genre with links. Continuing stories are welcome as are one-shots. All participants are expected to promote the Tuesday Tales site, not their own site. Opening sentences are limited to 2 or 3 only. No stories from published works. I think that's it.

That a decent list of rules. Certainly not constricting ones. Do any of the stories overlap (week to week) or have you found any authors using their WIP to make a Tuesday Tale?

Most stories are continuing tales, in fact. I use my WIP all the time because I'm so short on time. But the picture prompts are always new for me and others, too. I enjoy the continuing stories and look forward to reading the new installments every week. I look forward to the feedback on my stories. It helps me to figure out if the story can become a book or not.

A very effective use of time. I have continued tales in other prompted writing challenges. You can come up with such interesting characters and circumstances when things are thrown at you. There seems to be a number of regular contributors. How did this group assemble? Where do glean new contributors from?

The group started through author groups on Facebook and friends I have made through my publishers and Romance Writers of America as well. I'm pretty careful about members now. We have a good group, a cohesive group. I like to bring in people I think will fit in with those already there. We don't do any hard core erotica there. But we do have people writing across all genres. I'm very lucky we have a great group.

Where do you find the prompts? Is it one person selecting or several? How is it chosen?

The prompts come from my head. I make sure to try and invent ones that are generic enough to be good for sci fi as well as romance and other genres. Sometimes that is a challenge. Occasionally I'll pick one I think is more difficult just to keep the writers on their toes.

Where do you find the pictures for the picture prompts?

Some I've gotten from stock photo places, others I've taken myself.

I love when you can use something that you've taken yourself. What social media platform suits Tuesday Tales best? Is there a hashtag or Facebook group for Tuesday Tales?

We have a Facebook group. The authors have been urging me to do the hashtag thing but I'm so clueless!! We probably will at some time, hopefully soon. We are building a nice following and receive 200-300 hits within the first 2 days of publishing. And people stop by all week long. We also have 80 followers. I'm very pleased with the way Tuesday Tales has grown.

I'll warn you on the hashtag. There's another flash fiction contest called #tuesdaytales. Thank you so much for your time.

Note: If you wish to join Tuesday's Tales, they are an exclusive group. My invitation was revoked due to my involvement with Tantalizing Tuesday.