Wednesday, 13 June 2012

World of My Imagination - Nicole Pyles

Today I have Nicole Pyles with us. She posts regularly about contests, reviews, and flash fiction. Her blog is varied and constantly updating. So I started with the obvious question: where do you find your topics? You have such a variation in topics, do you go looking for something new and different when you get stuck?

Well, my topic ideas come in so many different ways. Some days I will discover a news report that will just tickle my funny bone or give me a blog idea or I will have to comment about it. Some days writing is on my mind and I will want to discuss my current goals. What seems to be happening more and more these days is that in one way or another I'm reviewing someone's book (or a product), helping promote a giveaway or deal through an organization I'm part of, or a sponsored posts.

If I'm ever stuck for ideas, I like to read through other blogger's posts and sometimes those will help me a lot!

Ooh, something I already do. :) Do you have any regular features you turn to when a new idea flags?

Yes! First, my weekly writing prompt can get me going on new ideas. And then, I have features that I have considered adding, such as “My Library Bucket list" (libraries all over the world that I want to visit) or my "Gimme Gadget of the Day." Those aren't ideas I've put into place (too busy lately), but they waiting in the wings in case I get stuck!

Sound like two very interesting (and different!) features. Do you often have guests to your blog or appear on other blogs?

I always love having a guest blogger! I will occasionally appear on other blogs, but not so much these days. It's a combination of time and not having the post ideas I want to give to others' blogs.

But an interview solve that problem. Yay me! You have blogged in other places (Celebrity TV, Book reviews). How did you find those blogs? Did they request you? How did they find you?

Both of those I found! My Celebrity Blog found me through That was the luck of the draw, to be honest. Most other employers on there are not nearly as gracious, understanding or pay as much as this one does (oops, am I allowed to talk money?). My other site that has my book reviews (which I ended up transitioning to my own blog) is one I found on Twitter. I've also been helping with the redesign of the site and it's been a great experience overall.

Of course you can talk about money. You can talk about anything you like! I think you're the first to bring up payment, though. Most of us do it for personal benefit that may or may not lead to eventual monetary value. What social media platform do you find best helps you reach your blogging audience?

Okay I cheated a little bit for this answer and looked on my Blogger Stats. I'm shocked to say that StumbleUpon beats out twitter. I get more numbers from that site than twitter, FaceBook and GooglePlus. I'm not sure how many people stick around, though. The most engaging followers I seem to find through Twitter. That and from the blogging community itself. I find the more I comment the more followers I get!

True enough. I don't know StumbleUpon. I'll have to look into that one. Do you regularly participate in flash fiction challenges? I know you participate in and run the Writers Wednesday Blog Hop.

I do! Other than my own, I also participated in one a while back that inspired a fairy tale short fiction post. I don't get the chance to do many others, but I'm always on the lookout. Oh, I am a part of a Writer's Digest Community (note: login necessary) where there are flash fiction challenges. I have joined in quite a few (and have won a couple of times!)

Congrats! Oh, and if you want flash fiction challenges, I can definitely hook you up. :) Thank you so much, Nicole for taking the time to answer my questions and share a bit about your blog.