Thursday 28 June 2012

Naughty Nights Blog Hop

Naughty Nights Blog Hop
This is my first time participating in a blog hop, so go easy on me, being a virgin and all. I'm so virgin in fact that I don't have a book of my own to give away. My novella, Blue Moon House, is still going through its paces behind the scenes, so instead, I'm giving you a taste of the House and the vampires in it. For another, check out this Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser.

Sophia’s blue eyes filled Julia’s swimming vision. Her last command had been to look at her. Her throat was hoarse from screaming in pleasure, in pain; her chest was heaving with the effort of her vaginal contractions, pulling her diaphragm, her thighs; all of her was consumed by the continued climax. Julia whimpered, licking her lips, her mouth dry. 

“There you are,” Sophia murmured and the grinding suddenly stopped. Julia fell, sliding to the floor around Sophia’s legs. The vampire picked Julia up easily and laid her on the bed Julia had been leaning against. “You are beautiful, Julia. Remember, you don’t have to join us to continue to come here. This is not an ultimatum, only a choice.” Julia sighed as Sophia slipped an ice chip between her lips. Holding it in her teeth, Julia let the liquid run over her tongue and down her throat while Sophia wiped her down with a wet cloth. 

Julia was nearly asleep, but she heard Harry speak with Sophia. “So?”

“Who do you plan to give her to next?” Sophia asked. The cloth swept between Julia’s breasts, then under her arm.


“You plan to go through all the women first, despite her discomfort?”

“If she decides not to join us, I’d rather know sooner than later.”

If Sophia answered, Julia never heard it.

There it is, the first vampire, apart from her Dom, Harry, that Julia meets in Blue Moon House. She will have to survive all six to become one of them. Which means five more encounters! Can you wait? No? Me neither. Rubs hands together in glee.

However, since I can't give away Blue Moon House, I am giving away a copy of The Cabin, another BDSM story from Naughty Nights. I think Nathaniel Bosch's D/s story has several similarities to mine and should get you salivating for more.

To enter, leave a comment below. How would you decide if you could spend eternity with someone? How would you test them? What would you look for? What if you only had a few hours within which to make that choice? Don't forget to head over to Naughty Nights to enter the grand prize draw. Good luck and enjoy all the other stops on the hop!