Sunday 9 November 2014

Sunday Surprise - Lust of the Vampires

Naughty Nights Press has a couple of new surprises for us.

The first is from Kara Hunting who pitches the Beauty against the Geek. Sage is out of work, down on her luck, and living in the back seat of her car. When Tom came around promising forever and a warm meal, Sage readily agreed. Upon discovering Tom's most secret possession, a little black book, she discovers he is not only having an affair, but worse, he’s a hired hit man. With no real friends and nowhere to go, Sage takes a chance on a high school classmate’s wedding. Will Sage once again fallen in love with the wrong man?

Lust of the Vampires isn't one story, but four of them, all from the same fabulous author, Julez Morbius. He has kindly given us an excerpt from the first story, Damon's.

The moon guided me, yet it was my need that drove me forward. For too long I had slept, and now the hunger gnawed at my very soul, demanding to be satiated. Coming to rest atop the town’s post office building, I inhaled deeply, my senses seeking my next meal before jumping down into the dark alleyway below.
Exiting the alleyway, I walked briskly but carefully through the late night throng of people leaving the clubs and bars, some of them stumbling from too much alcohol and others just eager to get to the safety and softness of their beds. Keeping my head lowered so no one saw my face in the street lights, I soon reached the street entrance my senses brought me to.
Only two of the houses had lights on, and I inhaled deeply once again. Neither of the lighted houses were the ones I sought. That one was slightly back, in the far right corner and in complete darkness.
Moving slowly towards the house, my senses were on full alert lest I should be discovered, but I reached my target unchallenged. With one leap I was outside the window, and as I peered through the gap in the curtains, I could see her. She was beautiful. Through the moonlight shining through her window, I could make out her outline under the thin sheet covering her naked body, and my excitement rose.
For a few minutes I just watched as the sheets rose and fell in time with her slow breathing. Ghosting into the room and appearing at the foot of her bed, I stood silently, just looking down at her. I licked my lips before moving around the side of the bed until I was standing level with her head.
Normally I was in and out quickly, but there was something about this one that caused me to linger. Her breathing seemed to increase slowly, as if she was dreaming. She kicked at the sheets, knocking them to the floor and exposed her nakedness. Stepping back into the shadows, I watched as her fingers began to run over her soft skin, tracing across her nipples lightly, stiffening them instantly before her fingers made their way down over her stomach towards her beautifully trimmed pussy.