Thursday 6 November 2014

Thursday Taster - Slave #9

More Tasters on the blog. Here, more Will.

Will nodded and rose quickly, turning to the door. He felt he was floating as he walked through the hall, his head cloudy.
“Will,” Nicholas said again. “You enjoyed that?”
He sank into a chair in the kitchen, unable to worry that his master still stood. “That was...May I?” he asked again, reaching for Nicholas’ member that had fallen from its former glory to rest against his thigh.
“If you wish,” Nicholas said. “Don’t feel obliged. I know that was your first-” He cut off in a gasp as Will fell to his knees once more. He wanted to worship the penis. In a sudden revelation, he knew he would do anything to have this. Everything he did would be to bring him back to this. He stroked Nicholas as he sucked. He could taste the oil coating him, and something else, something mellow. Above both of those, was the semen. Salty and thick. It would be his drink of choice.
“Slow, Will. You want to drag it out, don’t you?” Nicholas’ hand touched his and Will slowed. He was right. Will wanted this moment to last forever. This one, and the one after when his mouth was filled. He held the white cream on his tongue this time, tilting his head back to let only drops slide down.
Nicholas sighed. “You have no idea how beautiful you look right now.”
Will’s eyes were still closed, still savoring his moment.
“What are you doing?” Sophia asked, nearly screeching.
“Discovering his tastes,” Nicholas said as though it were obvious.
“How do you know his tastes?”
“Sophia, look at him. He is in utter bliss.”
Will opened his eyes and looked at Sophia from the corner of them. He didn’t rise, didn’t swallow.
“Oh,” she said in amazement.