Tuesday 18 November 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Them There Hills

“Pull over,” I told him. “It’s my turn to drive. You need sleep.”
“I’m fine,” he argued, rubbing his eyes. “I couldn’t sleep anyway, not knowing what’s back there.”
I didn’t blame him. I’d dozed off but was woken with horrible dreams mixed with memories.
“You can’t keep driving. You’re swerving all over the road. Pull over. It’ll take ten seconds to swap seats.”
He seemed to weight whether that was fast enough, whether the risk of his driving was worse than the risk of losing ten seconds.
“We’re going to have to get gas soon anyway. We can’t keep going like this.”
“The hell we can’t.” He did pull over, braking hard. I braced myself on the dash. “Move.” He ordered, jumping out the driver’s door.
I didn’t hesitate, leaping over the hood and sliding in the door. It was like something out of Dukes of Hazard, and I couldn’t believe I pulled it off. However, I was in the seat ahead of Max and popping it in drive as soon as his door closed.
“We can get gas in the mountains,” I said, nodding my head toward them. “They’ll freeze up there.”

“Mountains. Freezing. Good.” His eyes closed.

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