Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thursday Taster - Slave #10

Thursday again and that means one more scene with Will. This will wrap up the opening to Slave. I'll switch back to Gentleman next week, so pop back here to remember where we left off. More tastes on the blog.

“Sophia, look at him. He is in utter bliss.”
Will opened his eyes and looked at Sophia from the corner of them. He didn’t rise, didn’t swallow.
“Oh,” she said in amazement. “You shouldn’t have done it here,” she said in a hiss.
“It wasn’t me. He started with my pet.”
Sophia slammed her fist hard on the table, making the salt seller and pepper mill jump and topple. “Dammit. After Terrance’s debacle, I thought I was clear on this. I don’t want him in our rooms. He is neither one of us nor one of them. Don’t make me regret keeping him. I’ll sell him,” she threatened. “Tomorrow. He should have a normal life.”
Will did swallow then. “No. Please. I won’t go in any of the rooms again. Just let me have this,” he said, reaching for Nicholas again.
Sophia held his wrist, stopping him from touching Nicholas. “You can’t have us,” she said with a sigh. “You see what you’ve done?”
“Don’t worry, Will. You can stay and we’ll find you nice boys to play with,” Nicholas said with a smile.
Sophia continued to glare at both of them. “You will fix this,” she said, holding Will’s hand out toward Nicholas’.
Taking Will’s hand, he pulled him to his feet.
“I bet you’re half-drunk on that, aren’t you?” Nicholas asked. “Let’s get you in your bed.”
“Oil,” Will said, brow furrowing. “Why do you taste like oil?”
The salt seller and pepper mill jumped again as Sophia drove two fists into the table.
Nicholas continued to guide the boy by his shoulders. “You’ll figure it out.”