Tuesday 11 November 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Now or Never

Staying a fair distance back, I followed her. She was dressed all in white, a good choice for this hot and sunny day. Her broad brimmed sunhat saved her face and nose from burning, but the backs of her legs had turned pink and were heading to red. She cursed, pulling off one sandal to kick out a rock.
Taking advantage of her pause, I surged forward, my curiosity overwhelming my fear. I had been trying to introduce myself to her for a week now. We were both going home before long. I was running out of time.
“Hi.” My words were drowned out by a passing bus. What horrible luck. Slipping her shoe back on, she was down the sidewalk before I could say anything more. I tried to stay closer, but my fear got the better of me and I dragged my feet, falling further and further behind.
I heard her curse again, and this time she removed both shoes, opting to walk barefoot rather than pick up pebbles. I continued walking, drawing nearer but staying silent.
I was unprepared for her to whirl around and face me. “Why are you following me?”

It was now or never.

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