Thursday 27 November 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #12

Continuing from the last segment, Harrold has found himself in his mistress' room with a slave girl. Check out all the tastes by hopping to the blog.

On the bed lay a dark skinned woman, another slave, he supposed. He'd never given Polly more than a glance, but this woman had curves to shame his maid's slight frame. His gaze seemed fastened to her nipples that somehow managed to be darker than her already black skin.
The girl scrambled off the bed and to the floor. Only when she moved did Harrold notice how young she was, not even twenty.
“Easy, Kendra. He's not going to hurt you. Harrold, please remove your clothing and take that seat.”
Harrold didn't argue, but stood close to the women as he disrobed.
“He isn't your boss or your master in any way. He is at most your equal here.”
He spun at that comment, holding his pants in one hand. Lynn's palm connected with the flesh of his ass, making him yelp.
“Did I suggest waiting?” Her eyes left no question as to who was in command of the situation. “There, you see, Kendra?” Harrold slouched in the chair, wondering what would happen next. “He answers to me, just like you do. Now, I want you to make him come.”
Harrold's eyes widened at the same time as the slave's large, brown ones.
“Please, Ma'am. I would-” Her scream punctuated her sentence as Lynn broke out the riding crop she had used on him. The girl flinched and cowered. “Yes, Mistress. Of course, Ma'am.” She hustled herself toward Harrold, kneeling in front of him. Her tongue peeked out to lick her lips and he was started at how pink it was. He leaned forward and cupped her chin.
“May I kiss you?” His hand jerked as the crop landed on his shoulder.
“That is quite enough hesitation from both of you.”
Kendra jumped, though Harrold didn't see Lynn wield the crop again. She took his cheeks and pulled him down to her, kissing him awkwardly. He took charge of the kiss, using his tongue to guide hers.
She relaxed, her shoulders falling in his peripheral vision. Perhaps she needed more guidance to obey Lynn. He reached for her hand, pulling it into his lap.
He was surprised how quickly the color of her skin faded from his notice. She was simply another lovely young woman set to please him, just like the many he had paid.

Harrold broke the kiss and sat back to let Kendra see what she was doing. “And you,” Lynn whispered in his ear, “will be whipped when you come.” He groaned at the new information.

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