Sunday 30 November 2014

Sunday Surprise new #release from Lady Lit Publishing @harperbliss @lailajblake @erzabetbishop

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a publisher who focuses on female-female love. Lady Lit Publishing has stories of all different lengths and steaminess for the lesbian romance connoisseur. Here are some of their most recent releases:

Harper Bliss has a full-length novel about a woman trying to mend her relationship with her family. She must decide in the midst of this ordeal if she is going to pursue another type of relationship as well. At the Water's Edge is available from Amazon.

Girls in Love by Laila Blake has five shorts stories about childhood friends turned lovers in a snowy cabin, a student seducing her teacher, and two women overcoming prejudice.

Sweet Seductions, the Erzabet Bishop Collection, includes new and previous released short stories compiled into one volume sure to hook you on this author.

An anthology about older women pursuing younger come together in Cougars. Including pieces by Harper Bliss, Erzabet BishopCheyenne BlueLaila Blake and Lucy Felthouse, this is  one hot read after another.

Here is an excerpt from Bali High, Erzabet's contribution to the Cougar anthology.

The plane hit a bump of turbulence and Ariana, jarred off her feet, landed haphazardly in Miriam’s lap. Her knees were draped over the arm rest, with her feet dangling in the aisle.

“Oh!” She struggled to get up, but another violent motion of the plane only succeeded in Ariana losing her balance once more. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright.”

Ariana scrambled to move and turned her face to Miriam. “Oh my God. I’ve never fallen on a passenger before.” Her eyes swam with panicked tears.

“If you had to fall on anyone, I’m glad it was me.” Miriam replied, her voice husky. She tentatively reached out and brushed a stray curl out of Ariana’s eyes. Warmth spiraled through her body at the intimate contact and liquid lust seeped through her veins. The younger woman ceased struggling and met her hungry gaze. A delicate smile and a pink blush replaced the panicked look from moments before.


“Completely.” Miriam whispered. “You can fall into my lap whenever you want to.”

Ariana sighed and turned her warm brown eyes to Miriam. Her lips parted and with the slightest movement, they were pressed against Miriam’s.

“I’m so glad.”

She smelled of cinnamon and spicier things. Miriam cupped her chin and deepened the kiss.

A low moan erupted from the flight attendant’s throat.

“You taste like strawberries.”

“And you of forbidden things.”

Ariana stilled, her lips pulling back in a slight frown. “Forbidden?’

Miriam ran her fingers down the other woman’s cheek. “You’re young enough to be my daughter.”

“But I’m not.” Ariana’s eyes met Miriam’s, her unflinching desire reflected in them.

“No, indeed you’re not.” The need to bury her hands in the brunette’s hair and see it tumbling down her back was nearly overwhelming.

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