Thursday, 23 April 2015

Flasher Fiction Friday - Balance #flashfiction

James fought against the belt, but he didn’t want to rock too hard, or he’d lose his balance.
“Easy there, cowboy.”
James froze. He knew that voice.
“Keep out of this. We’re fine.”
This voice was higher but no less familiar.
“I’ve got ya, James.”
“He’s mine!” the high voice said. “I got us here, and I’m taking us over.”
James closed his eyes, breathing deeply. He’d already lost his balance mentally.
“James Cunningham.” Repeating his name, he tried the belt one more time.
“Gotcha!” the first voice said.
“No!” the second cried, fading as the car fell. One more light.

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  1. Your posts have been so cryptic of late. And while I do not understand them, I can see every image you paint with your words. I just do not have an image of the ending to pin to the whole story so I feel suspended, as if waiting for orders, or clarification. Very unusual. But I like it. xo

  2. I'm wine fuelled and I had to read this several times to get it. I'm presuming they're in a car and going over? An interesting take for sure.

  3. This is descriptive like part of a dark story with a sad middle or ending as they go over the bridge if I'm understanding it correctly. Very creative! Now I'm curious about the owners of the two voices :-)

  4. Very creative, indeed. I had to re-read it over to get an understanding, but not bad!


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