Tuesday 28 April 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Purchases #flashfiction

Janet jumped at the doorbell. Her latest purchase dropped from her hand back into its box. She backed up, spine flat to the wall. He had a key but rung the bell before opening her door.
“Where’s my pussy?” he asked.
“Here.” She was perfectly visible from the doorway, but he wanted her to answer.
“Yes, there you are and wearing entirely too many clothes.
She knew what was coming next, and his pen knife came out of his pocket flipping open.
“Please, sir, can I?” she asked, slipping her fingers into her waistband.
His eye landed on the shoes in the box. “Need to save your clothes? Why, when it’s obvious you’re using my money to replace them.” His black shod toe nudged the box out of his way. “Well, you can keep most of them. Spread,” he ordered, and she separated her legs.
With a tug, he pulled the cloth away from her crotch and sliced through it with his knife. “You can mend them.” He took hold of her legs and lifted them to his hips, keeping her back to the wall. “Can’t you?”
“Yes, sir,” she said as he loosed himself and thrust into her.

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