Friday, 24 April 2015

Vampire Friday - Slave 2

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Will knows that his masters are Vampires, but he doesn't understand them very well.
“You drink from your guests. Why?” Realizing he knew the obvious answer, he clarified. “What I mean is, why them?”
“Because they accept it. Just as I would ask you to relinquish control to me. I know you think I have it all the time, but I don’t, Will. You are a man, and you make your own decisions.”
Will’s brow creased. It was true. He wasn’t a free man, like Louis, but he was freer than most slaves. He was able to decide what work to do, what to purchase, how to spend his leisure time. Nicholas had let him choose to take, or be taken. Was that odd? It hadn’t felt odd.
“So, they are completely submissive when in the room.” Nicholas nodded and Will pondered it. “I could do that.”
“You could,” Nicholas said with a smile. “I expect it would come easily for you. Most slaves find it comforting. Something they are familiar with.”
“What is drinking blood like?” he asked, still thinking about what must go on in those rooms. No doubt some, like Terrance’s whore, came for beating as well as fucking. That wasn’t what Bart came for, or he came for more than that. He had no stripes when Will met him, and was only lightly bound. Will imagined being trussed up like the slave woman and taken that way. His cock jumped against his thigh.
“It is life itself,” Nicholas tried to explain, answering Will's question. “It is fire and food and bliss. But what you really want to know is, what it is like for our clients.” He grinned, and Will stroked himself idly, still imagining being bound. “Our bite is like the fire of lust coursing through your veins. Like someone struck a match in your soul and let the heat burst through you. Even a sated man will harden when we bite him.”
“Is that why you bind them?” Will asked, pumping his hand harder on himself. Nicholas watched, impressed.
“Yes. Though, not the only reason. By binding them, they can’t jump or flinch while we feed, crucial for preventing injury. However, we bind them when we aren’t feeding as well. Especially for those who aren’t naturally submissive, it forces them to relinquish control. They don’t even have physical control of themselves. We can visit pleasure and pain on them until they weep for it, until their bodies shake and give out. Until they reach a higher level of pleasure.”
Will’s breath came in pants, imagining exactly that. He moved his hand faster and Nicholas added his, fondling the boy’s black balls. With a fierce growl, Will ejaculated a second time, spraying his own stomach.
“You want to try it?”
Will nodded, still gasping for breath. “Yes. Please.”