Tuesday 21 April 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Hiding #flashfiction

Janine stormed out. She didn’t have to listen to this. There was no reason for everyone to get so hostile toward her. She wasn’t the one who had killed her father.
Slamming the door of her childhood room behind her, she leaned on the door as the tears that had never really stopped, streamed down her cheeks. She slid down to sit hugging her knees. If she ever found the fucker that hit her dad and ran, she would put him in the ground right next to…
“Daddy,” she wailed, hugging herself.
It took her a minute to wipe away enough tears to really see her old room. She hadn’t lived at home for months now, but her parents had never asked her to come clean out her stuff. It was good because she didn’t have any room in her apartment and didn’t plan on staying there longer than her classes. She wasn’t prepared to see that it was left exactly as she had it, including the giant teddy bears that she had been given. They were from her ex, and she cried herself out on them before.
Crawling up, she hid her face, planning to do the same again.

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