Thursday 16 April 2015

Thursday Taster: Pandora 9 #flashfiction

Rape? No, not rape, you'll see. Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

“Not you, boy,” Gowan said. “The girl will be cursed. You'll have to break that first. What do you figure, Victor? Sleep?”
“Probably. Maybe a glamour to make her ugly so you don't go near. Pandora is fearful beautiful. If you find something that looks like the witch but isn't, it's probably her.”
“Can I hit her at the base of the skull?” he asked.
Both kings started laughing and pounding the table with fists.
“Aye, boy, aye, you probably could. Maybe should! She'll put up less fight that way.” They continued to howl.
Russel was unamused. “And do you have any idea where this witch has her?”
“Fortress,” Victor said, wiping his eye. “She has a fortress in the mountains, but it moves. Never in the same place twice. You've never been there, so you have a decent shot at finding it. I'll never find it again after being there twice already.”
“Ha, hit her. Your romancing needs some serious work, Russel.” Marcus laughed at that, though Russel only scowled.
“Well, if the two of you are finished, I'm heading to the tavern for a woman who doesn't need beating and then the peaks. It was nice to meet you, King Victor. I hope to see you again as a son-in-law and heir.”
Victor laughed again. “I look forward to it! Chain that filly up for me, will you? Maybe then her mother will come back.”
Gowan was still laughing. “Beatrice! Beatrice, where you are you, woman?”
Russel left before his mother was brought out and most likely mocked by the kings. She didn't have the least spark of magic in her and had only spoken against his father twice that he was aware of. Once, Gowan had thanked her for her level head, and the other he had locked her in her room for a week for being so stupid. One never knew what would come from a woman.