Tuesday 14 April 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Welcome Home. #flashfiction

Ben opened the door and dropped his duffel from his shoulder. “Jaime?” he called. “I’m home.” He’d expected Jaime would meet him at the airport, but he’d had to flag a taxi.
“Jaime?” he called again, looking around their tiny apartment. It was bigger than the barracks at least, and five times as nice. The sun drifted in instead of beaming down like a laser. The curtains wafted in a breeze. It was hard to find a breath of air in the middle of his platoon. The plants were oddly familiar though.
He snorted at the watermelon. It was something Jaime would do. Of course, leaving them out like that almost guaranteed they’d dry up. He put the two halves together and shoved them in the fridge. It was more difficult than he expected and he pulled out a container of left over stew. Opening it he breathed deep. Jaime didn’t miss in the kitchen and it had been a long time since he ate anything that wasn’t in the mess.
While scarfing it down, his phone rang. He’d gotten used to not having one on him, so he had to search for it.
Come to the hospital - Jaime

Remember, there are many more 200 word teases on the blog. And by the way, Jaime is in the hospital for a good reason!