Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Thursday Taster: Pandora 7

What is up with that prince anyway? Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

Russel took his pelt away, wondering what guest it might be. Someone important or his father wouldn't have mentioned it. Another king perhaps. He hurried to furrier, planning to wash and dress well for the company. He might not be his father's heir, but perhaps by finding a poor sap with no son, he could find a kingdom for himself.
At dinner he met Victor, another king as he had supposed. He talked about his wife and daughter through the entire meal. No mention of a son. Russel paid more and more attention as Victor drank more and more mead.
“Stole her away, she did. Foul woman. Won't even tell me where she's hidden, and I'm her father! I only know that old witch is guarding her and I wouldn't cross that crone for half my kingdom. A bitter thing.” He tipped back his newly filled stein.

“And where is your wife now?”
“Gone,” he said, blustering. “Never was constant. Think she must have had half a spark herself. Made her a strong mate, but fickle. She's off to find something to kill me, no doubt. Wants the kingdom for herself. I tell you, Gowan,” he said, gesturing to Russell's father, “if you could bring me back my daughter, I'd lock her in a tower for your wife.”
“Accepted,” Russel said, rising. “I'll find your daughter and marry her myself. Spark of magic and all.”
“Wait, boy,” he said, slurring his words. “You don't have the first idea where she is or what to do when you find her.”
“Then tell me, old man. You want your daughter? Well, I want your kingdom. Fair trade?”
Victor laughed, spittle gathering at the corner of his mouth. “Fair? Not even near, but I'll make that deal for certain. There is only one way you can tie down a girl like Pandora, or her mother. That is to mark them, claim them. Do you understand me?”
“You want me to scar your daughter?” he asked, confused.
“Damnation, no! I want you to rape her. Well, in honesty, not that, but consummate, as soon as you can, first opportunity.”


  1. Russell is very keen to have his own kingdom, whatever the cost. Great taster

  2. He does not think the deal is fair, yet he tells Russell exactly what to do - rape - his daughter? They are both scoundrels. But, I think Pandora is woman, as is her Mother, enough for them both.

  3. I think Russell will have his hands full trying to land Pandora and rightfully so. The father is mad and Russell is simply a scrupulous egotistical man wanting nothing more than his own kingdom. Great hook for more to come, I hope.

  4. Damn, there's more to it than I feel in the story. The father is all about control, but Russell is no better either. Good post.

  5. WHAT!!!! What kind of a father is that? Someone burn him alive!! I'll show him a witch if he wants one!!!


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