Friday, 1 May 2015

Flasher Fiction Friday - Maduplan #flashfiction

Flasher fiction Friday and we have several takes on the same photograph. Go to the blog to catch them all. I'm tying in some characters from other flash fiction I've done. Maduplan's sisters, Madumont and Madulac appeared there. Looking at this picture, I imagined the Lady of the Mountain and Lady of the Lake, might have a sister, the Lady of the Plain.

Inside her castle, Maduplan had her gardens, fountains, and tapestries. She hadn’t set foot on the plain and meadow surrounding her abode. From the tower, she could look out on sheep and shepherds, see that there was nothing to draw her away.
When she lifted the portcullis following a commontion, she was prepared to give the young upstart hell. She didn’t know it had come with him.
“Please, Aunt Maduplan, we need your help. Your sisters are fighting, protecting me. They need you.”
Feeling the truth of his words, Maduplan shifted into a swift deer and followed her sisters’ call.