Thursday 28 May 2015

Thursday Taster: Pandora 14

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“You aren't even going to take that off?” she asked, batting her eyes and running her hand over the links on his chest.
“Oh, uh, yes. Of course I am.”
She almost laughed. Was he as new to sex as she was? When he shed metal and then cloth in swift efficiency, her amusement fled. He was practised and he wasn't going to let her escape.
When he stood naked, she felt true fear. He must have seen it in her eyes as she looked him over. He looked down and winced.
“Those beasts really gave me a licking. At least they're red now. I'll look worse in the morning.” He climbed back on the bed, pressing her into the headboard. “This doesn't have to hurt, but I am going to have you, princess. One way or the other.”
She bit her lip and thought back over her lessons. She should be able to take the power from their act and use it to subdue him. If he raped her, however, she would gain nothing. She attempted to put on a naive facade that was more real than she realized. Her lip trembled.
“Please, be gentle. It is my first time.”
His grin was predatory and she longed to wipe it off. She had some magic, even now, but it wasn't enough to more than knock him from the bed. He'd be back on her in a heartbeat and her magic would be used. No, she had to bide her time.
“Of course, princess. I'm not an unfeeling monster.” He ran a hand gently up her thigh, pushing her skirts with it.
He was, of course. He had slain Magnificent and who knew how many other familiars and friends to get her.
She lost her focus for a moment in the warmth following his touch. What was he doing? It didn't feel like that when she'd touched herself. His lips found hers and she clamped her teeth shut, preventing him from entering her mouth.
Breaking the kiss, he looked angry and pushed her legs open.