Friday, 1 May 2015

Vampire Friday - Investor

Here's a snip from the upcoming Blue Moon House book all about Terrance. Investor is totally tentative and I expect it will be called something else when published. Check out these other authors for more Vampire love: Linda Hamonou, Siren X Star.

Terrance’s hand brushed through the blond hair in his lap. The whore was good. She used both hands as well as her mouth. He cast a glance at her and met her brown eyes briefly before focusing again on the pair atop the bed. The women fondled one another expertly. It seemed a race to see which could make the other scream first. The redhead was likely to lose. Both women were panting, but Eliza was nearly as red as her hair, a fantastic flush spreading down her chest. It was even odds that Lynn was cheating.
He’d been coming to the ladies of Blue Moon House long enough that the true proprietor of the House had identified herself. Sophia and Lynn shared more than ebony black hair, they were also much older than they appeared, eternal. Once sure of his discretion, they had asked for payment in a new fashion. All the whores knew Sophia, Lynn and Nicholas were vampires, but Terrance was one of the few clients to share the secret.
If Lynn had bitten Eliza, the girl was lucky to still be as focused as she was. Their bite was accompanied by a rush greater than any tobacco, any opiate. She would also be cheating. The object was to provide him a show, not feed. If she wanted that, she should have taken Amelia’s place.
“Mmm,” Amelia hummed in response to his increased arousal, the thought of Lynn biting him. He wanted to chide Lynn, but he didn’t want to interrupt.
Terrance pushed Amelia back and rose, approaching Lynn’s feet on the edge of the bed. He stroked his palms up the back of her legs while she used her mouth on Eliza. He couldn’t see her biting, only licking and sucking. The other girl swayed, her hands searching under Lynn, presumably for her small round breasts.
Terrance had always preferred the woman with glowing brown eyes, even before he knew what she was. His thumbs pulled open the lips between her thighs. The skin between was pink, but not red like Eliza’s. That was nearly as dark as Lynn’s tongue. Amelia’s hands slid over his hips, stroking him while she pressed against his back.
He’d intended to watch the women, but it wasn’t enough. Amelia was doing a wonderful job, but he didn’t want to sit by. He wanted to be surrounded by women, smothered under them.
His friend had claimed this was the height of passion. Of course, Glen was not one of the select who knew about the vampires. He also wasn’t one who enjoyed the taste of a woman. Perhaps his friend sought this as a way to pleasure more than one woman at once. Terrance hadn’t indulged before, but tonight was his birthday and in celebration, his father had offered to pay for as many women as he desired.
The old man was in another of these rooms, though Terrance tried not to think about that. He hated being reminded that it had been his father who had seen him spurned by most girls and introduced him to the whore houses. Oddly, immediately after his first night with Lynn, he had been approached by a woman at a party. The old man had said it was a change in his stance, his posture. He claimed a woman knew when a man could handle them properly. Terrance also knew how his father handled women. Mother had been rarely without a bruise somewhere on her body, when she was still alive.
He drove thoughts of his parents out of his head, instead focusing on Lynn who was spread lusciously before him. He would please more than one woman, and he would do it without bruising a single one of them. Twisting, he lay back on the bed, positioning himself under Lynn. He flicked his tongue up, catching her skin between his lips and rolling it. She gave a short cry, which encouraged him to continue. He stopped long enough to look at Amelia, still using her hands and mouth.
“Climb on if you like,” he offered, smiling.
Amelia needed no more encouragement. Terrance wondered if it was his arousal or that of her colleagues that had her so eager. It didn’t really matter, just as long as she wrapped her legs around his hips, covered him with her hot damp skin.
She did and he groaned into Lynn’s sex. The vampire did the same and pushed her hips down, crushing herself against his face.
His hands came up to cup her ass, holding her in place as she rocked on his outstretched tongue.
Eliza was the first to scream. “Yes, Lynn. Please don’t stop. Mmm. Yes.” Eliza’s words came faster and more shrilly until she screamed out. Immediately after, Lynn tilted her hips, twisting them. He pulled open her ass, too, sliding a finger in and feeling her squeeze it.
The sensation of her riding his finger made him throb, and the set off Amelia.
“Ah! Dieu! Sacre!” she swore in her native tongue. Terrance burned with the wetness she drenched him, he clenched his jaw, tipping his head back as he filled Amelia with his seed. Lynn didn’t stop grinding on his face, working herself on his chin.
Upon recovering from his climax, he brought his chin down and worked tongue and upper lip on the woman, longing to taste her as she peaked with her friends.
Lynn didn’t disappoint and moments later arched back, giving Terrance ample room to rub her pink skin. Her weight sunk into her hands and she rolled onto her side.
“Happy Birthday,” she told him, tugging on his arm to bring him fully onto the bed.