Tuesday 19 May 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Damsel and Dusk #Flashfiction

A little fantasy for your Tuesday. Check out the other teasers on the blog.

Damsel and Dusk were the only two on the water as the sun slowly set on the horizon. The fairy eyed the insect warily. They were comparable in size, but he was much stronger physically. She had the advantage of magic. However, he posed no threat, pulling his legs against his body like a bow on strings. His friends would swarm soon, joining his music.
Damsel had admired the locust music in the past and tonight was no exception. Dusk played beautifully, hauntingly, but something was missing. There was a hollowness that Damsel couldn’t ignore. She put her hands to her mouth and sang out, blowing music from her into the air between herself and Dusk.
As soon as he did, more locusts landed on the lily pads around her and stopped blowing, afraid of their numbers. She was still alone next to the white lotus. The insects stopped playing as well, all of them watching her, intent.
Fire, Lightning and Dragon flitted down, landing next to Damsel and erecting a magic field around her. The insect chorus hadn’t moved, hadn’t attacked, waiting. She lifted her hands to her mouth again and blew. Fairy and insect joined her magical music.