Monday, 4 May 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Fork in the Road #flashfiction

“Where are you going?” her mother screeched as Tanya slammed the door behind her. The bitch didn’t care, so why did she ask? She wanted Tanya gone.
They usually got along reasonably well, not in the standard mother-daughter way, but at least as negligent roommates. Tanya kept to herself and the bitch did the same. They each cooked their own meals, did their own cleaning and laundry, and only spent time together on the rare occasion that they both wanted to watch the same program on TV.
Tanya reminded her mother of Brad, Tanya’s father. Tanya had learned at a young age that it was easier to live with her mother if she stayed out of sight. Tonight had been too much.
Tanya walked from her house toward the highway. It wasn’t a long hike, and it was a beautiful night. She reached her destination in fifteen minutes and already felt better, letting her stress stay behind in that god-forsaken house.
On the tarmac, she looked left and right, seeing no one coming in either direction. Straddling the center line, she watched for a few minutes and still didn’t see a car.

Closing her eyes and letting go, she laid down.

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