Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Ice Heart #flashfiction

Jennifer looked over her shoulder as she stroked her legs in long strong arcs, flying over the surface of the ice as though it were air. Mary watch in wonder as entered a spin, using all the generate momentum to whirl her in a tight circle. Unable to stand on the sidelines any longer, she opened the penalty box and stepped out onto the ice.
Jennifer was still spinning when Mary reached her, putting her hands on her friend’s shoulders to stop her. Her cheeks were bright pink from the chilly air and she giggled her head still spinning. “I’m getting better at that,” she said.
“You are,” Mary agreed towering over her little friend. Mary played on the girls’ hockey team and was one of their stars. She was at home on the ice, just like Jennifer, but their skates contrasted.
“Think I’ll be ready for my performance next weekend?”
Mary ran a cotton gloved hand down Jennifer’s ponytail, pulling it over her shoulder to rest on the pink jacket Jennifer wore.
“I know you will,” Mary assured her, looking down into Jennifer’s bright eyes.
“Thanks!” She rose onto her toe-pick and laid a small quick kiss on Mary’s lips.

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  1. Such a very sweet tease and the way you used their skates to show their similarity and differences was a nice touch.

  2. Such as lovely piece of work here....Bravo!

  3. This was a very intimate look into two close friends, as different as their shoes and height, yet as close as friends can be. I suspect Mary is in love and afraid to declare her feelings in any other way but encouragement. Nicely done. xo

  4. Aww, this is lovely :-)

  5. You created a good contrast between the two women in their skates and height. I like how you have also designed a budding mysterious romance between the two women ready to bloom. Nicely done.


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