Friday, 8 May 2015

Flasher Fiction Friday - Not as Advertised #flashfiction

His eyes seem to follow me. I know it’s just a trick of the light, of the photography, but I can’t help staring back at him as I move around the room.
“If you’re nervous, we don’t have to do this now. I’ll refund you.”
I jump at the voice, forgetting for a moment that there are other people in the room. Only two others. The woman reads a magazine while he, Dusty, watches me.
“No, I’m definitely getting one. I’ll get what he had. What was it?” I point at the man on the bike.
Dusty grins. “A rose”

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  1. Great Flash :-)

  2. Very cool, angelica! Had me guessing the whole time :-)

  3. Awesome flash. I loved your wording and how you made her so intrigued with the artwork. Made the picture come alive.


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