Thursday, 7 May 2015

Pandora 11

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Russel shook the hare from his sword in disgust. Those should never attack. It was the oddest thing to have to fight something so small. He wrapped a cloth around his bitten hand. It had been fierce though, no less than the unicorn that had tried to skewer him. He could see the fortress in the distance. At least, he assumed it must be the one with two creatures fighting to prevent him entering.
There had been no sign of the ugly owner of the fortress or her beautiful companion. He fought on, eager to take the princess already. He paused when a bear stepped out and threatened him. That was a larger creature than he expected to face. Grating noise accompanied the beast's claws on his armour.
Russel fought out of the bear's grasp several times, and his horse took one attack, falling as his rider leapt free. Holding his still bloody sword ready, the prince tried to choose his point of attack. Rolling, he swept the side of the bear, an arm shearing off. That would make the bear less of a danger.
Even so, another scrape of his armour bore witness to a second near miss. Russel rolled away again, turning to meet the next swing. A second paw met the first and still the bear came on. Limping on forepaws, it kicked with hind, knocking Russel to the ground and his wind left him. He barely rolled out before the giant hairy body slammed into him.
Rising and turning, he skewered the bear before it could rise again, sword buried in its chest. It roared one last time before lying still in death.
Panting for breath, Russel pulled the sword free. He burned where the claws had caught skin and ached from bruises everywhere. Still, he was one familiar closer to the Fortress. There couldn't be many left, and the bear was likely the worst.
That was when he met the fox.