Friday 5 February 2016

Flasher Fiction Friday - Baby, it's cold outside #flashfiction

Here's my take on the picture. I imagined the sun peeking through spruce needles over a snowscape. Check out what everyone else saw by hopping to the blog.

Eliza wriggled against the ropes securing all her limbs tight to her body. Unable to work her limbs, she shivered and shuddered, cold water falling down her brow.
“Please, sir.”
Ben lifted her and set her down on her knees, her nipples drawing into tight points in the snow.
“You’re cold? I can help with that.” He prodded at her pussy. She was so tight, doubled up as she was. It didn’t help that she was freezing in the dim morning light.
Ben was relentless, and the more he worked her open, the warmer she became.
“Yes, sir,” she moaned.