Tuesday 16 February 2016

#TantalizingTuesday Introductions #japanese #lesbian

I'm going back to the beginning of my story again. This is when Eiko and Yuki introduce themself to each other. And Eiko's sister rains on their parade. Make sure you read all the other teasers on the blog.

Pushing the door open, Yuki drew a sharp breath. There, not ten paces away, was the foreign woman with red hair. She didn’t chat with anyone, but looked up and down the hall as if she were waiting for someone.
Yuki swallowed her fear and stomped on the wallflower inside her, then approached the woman in her dreams.
“Good afternoon. I am Kimura Yuki and it is a pleasure to meet you.”
The woman stared at her with wide brown eyes. She looked both ways again before inclining her head and greeting, “Good afternoon. I-I am Kita Eiko.”
“Kita-san?” Yuki murmured, surprised a foreign woman would have such a Japanese name. She didn’t have an accent either. “It is a pleasure,” she said again, unsure how to make Kita Eiko understand her attraction.
An imperious woman with long black hair called sharply, making Kita Eiko jump and move her hands over her clothing, smoothing and adjusting. “Onee-chan.”
“Come,” the taller woman commanded, walking past. Kita Eiko followed.