Tuesday 2 February 2016

#tantalizingtuesday Missed you #Japanese #lesbian #romance

I'm glad people have been enjoying my Japanese story. Here's another 200 word tease. Yuki is moving in with Eiko. Don't forget to read all the other teasers by visiting our blog.

Yuki dragged her feet on her way to class. It had been three days and she still hadn’t seen Eiko. Thoughts of rejection stole her attention from the professors that deserved. Her work suffered, a sense of ennui preventing her from working on assignments, from exemplary performance.
What had gone wrong? Eiko-chan had engaged Yuki as much as the reverse. Surely she hadn’t been offended. Was Yuki not a good lover? Had Eiko feigned her climax so she could be free of Yuki’s clumsy kisses and greedy hands and pussy?
With each day, Yuki became more morose, looking up from her feet less and less. She noticed a pair of brown leather shoes that stayed in her field of vision, even when she turned into the ladies’ room.
Looking at herself in the mirror, Yuki saw blue bags under her slanted eyes, strands of black hair falling over them. She almost started crying again, and would have if a spark of red weren’t at her left, standing in the shoes that had followed her.
“Good morning, Yuki-chan,” Eiko said, smiling. She lifted a hand and wiggled her fingers at Yuki’s reflection.
Yuki turned and seized the other woman in a hug.