Thursday 18 February 2016

Thursday Taster - Switching Up - Alpha Fever #erotica #bdsm

The release is looming closer and I'm excited to see this hot hot hot box set hit the shelves. I'm offering another taste from Switching Up. Be sure you head over to the blog and get a mouthful of all the others!

Alpha Fever: 22 Sizzling Erotic Romance Stories - Too Hot To Handle!

Alpha Fever is filled with scintillating, spicy ***BRAND NEW*** erotic romance stories written by 24 of the best NY Times, USA Today,and Amazon Bestselling Authors wrapped up in one amazing boxed set!
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A.C. Nixon - Abby Hayes - Abi Aiken - Angelica Dawson - Bethany Shaw - Crystal Dawn - D. F. Krieger - Danielle Gavan - Dawn White - Elianne Adams - Elvira Bathory - Erzabet Bishop - Gina Kincade - Isis Pierce - Jacintha Topaz - Jacqueline Sweet - Kiki Howell - Muffy Wilson - Rozlyn Sparks - Tanith Davenport - Tara Crescent - Tierney O'Malley - Tricia Owens

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Patty leaned on one of the railings delineating the spanking area, watching Leo use a candle to drip hot wax on Carol. When was the last time someone had done that to her? She only remembered him focusing on the candle so much, she freed herself and blew the flame out.
She smiled at the memory, at the subsequent spanking. It had been searing and she’d fought it every slap of the way.
“Hey, Patty.” Rosa sidled up beside her and bumped hips. “What are you doing on this side? I’ll be your bottom again.”
Patty nudged Rosa back. “Thanks.” She sighed, envious of the subs she was watching. “I’m just envious. Y’know, I should take you up on that. Distract me.”
Rosa looked at her a while before speaking. “You aren’t really there yet. I mean you did a fantastic job on my, but your head isn’t up here.” She held her hand just above her eyes. “And you’re not here anymore.” She dropped the hand to her navel. “I’m sorry. That has to be difficult.”
Patty shrugged. “I’m going to have to get up there. Reggie proved no one wants to take the trouble of dominating me.”
“I think one might.” Rosa nodded and Patty looked back to Leo and Carol. He was watching her while he fucked Carol’s mouth, the candle pointed at Patty and dripping on Carol’s back.
When their eyes met, he lifted the candle, beckoning.
Patty licked her lips and approached.
“Spank her.” He didn’t break his pace, his cock thick in Carol’s throat.
It wasn’t a request. He’d given her a command. The brat in her balked, but she knew she wanted to obey this one. Using her new knowledge, she didn’t wind up. Instead, she dropped her hand in time with Leo’s thrusts. God she wanted that cock, wanted it in her mouth or her ass, somewhere it would stretch or gag. Some pain amid the pleasure.
She didn’t notice right away, but looking down she saw her finger in Carol’s ass up to the second knuckle. She hadn’t lubed and when she twisted it, she felt the roughness. Not wanting to hurt Carol, she pulled again her hold, never hard enough to dislodge her finger, but enough that letting go allowed her finger to sink in even further.
Carol’s moaning changed pitch as Leo’s expression turned to a grimace. He was coming down her throat, making Carol cough and splutter when he pulled out.