Tuesday 23 February 2016

#tantalizingtuesday Rainy Day #Japanese #lesbian

Continuing my Japanese story. Enjoy! Then check all the others.

Yuki decided against going home, even though a light rain drizzled and it was just cold enough to see her breath. The young woman settled her scarf around her neck and huddled in her warmest coat under a bright yellow umbrella, watching the pink clouds get darker as the sun set. From her park bench, she saw a handful of people scurry, all with rosy cheeks and a few with smiles.
Yuki smiled too. She’d met Kita-san. It didn’t bother her that she’d only learned the woman’s name, she had been bold, taken a step, and surely the next could only be easier.
“Excuse me.”
Yuki jumped at the voice on her left. She’d been watching for people, how had anyone snuck up on her? The jolt sent a shower of cold rain water from her umbrella down her neck. Yuki gave a little shriek and scooted to the right, away from the speaker.
That was when she saw who it was. Kita Eiko was soaked, her thick red hair matted to her forehead and neck. She wore a coat, but it and anything she wore beneath, was plastered to her skin, emphasizing her large breasts with hard pointed nipples.