Friday 28 April 2017

#Flasher Fiction Friday

I haven't joined in on this feature in a while, but my friend, Naomi, is getting back into it this week, so I decided to support her and submit my own 100 word piece based on this week's photo.

Jessica held the scissors in trembling hands. Closing her eyes, she took a breath and tried to calm herself.
It was over.
For months, she’d deluded herself, believed he was hers alone. How many others had seen this body, been touched by those arms, or seen below the opening waistband?
With a quick snip, she sliced straight through glossy photographic paper, letting his head fall away. She slid them down to sever his torso from waist and stopped. Perhaps she could still use him.
Tucking the decapitated photo away, she turned her back on the face she’d never see again.

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