Wednesday 12 April 2017

It's Groundhog Day, with zombies #MidWeekTease Never Say Die

Hey there teasers and teasees! I'm offering my blog space today to my YA alter ego. Kimberly Gould will release her zombie time loop story, Never Say Die, on the 18th.

Cassandra survived the zombie apocalypse. She and other young survivors band together to search the desolate city for food, lodging, weapons, and hopefully, more survivors.
On one such rescue mission, the zombies get lucky and Cassandra is their victim. Instead of dying, though, Cassandra wakes up in her own past, days before the outbreak of the virus that turned all the adults to mindless monsters.
She has one chance to stop it all. Well, maybe more than one.

Get it on Amazon, Nook, Kobo or iBooks. I would also love some support on my release Thunderclap. Now! The tease! (edited to shorten) Warning: dark and violent.

I break off and run up the steps toward a bank. The door is unlocked and I pull it open, turning my back to it. I prepare to shoot a way clear for Heph and to hide inside.
I fall forward as something punches into me from behind.
“Those weren’t zombies!”
I continue to push back as hands lift me from the ground and carry me into the bank.
“I don’t think she’s gonna make it,” one of the people holding me says.
I look down at the blood spreading down my abdomen from the bullet wound in my belly.
The baby, I think before blackness envelopes me.

I’m back on the beach. I clutch at my middle. Am I still pregnant? I don’t think I can be. After all, I’ve gone back to a time before Heph and I had sex. I’m still a virgin, right? But then what happens to that baby? Did it die when I did? Why didn’t it come back as well? Or did it?
The surf rolls in around my legs and I decide that it doesn’t matter. Baby or no baby, virus or no virus, I’m not caring this time. I’m going to live for me.
“Cassandra? What’s wrong, honey?” Mom asks. But it’s not really my mom, she’s just a meat sack-in-waiting.
“Can I drive?” I ask.
My parents regard one another before Dad passes me the keys. “Why not?”
As I hope, they both drift off before we’ve gone far. Putting the hammer down, I race toward Gallup. My parents are still asleep as I blow past our home and on toward Manson in Albuquerque. Abandoning all subtlety, I pull the hand brake, giving both parents a rude awakening.
I leave them in the Caravan, dashing into the building and heading straight for the security office. The guard is in it and not looking too sharp. A few rapid hits with the side of my fist and his gun is in my hand, a bullet in his brain.
This time, killing an aware person doesn’t affect me, not like it did when I killed Dr. Evans. This guard is just another inevitable meat sack. I can’t stop the virus that would have infected him, but I do want my revenge on as many of the people responsible as I can.
My target shifts to the receptionist, a cleaning lady, an intern. Every white coat turns red without hesitation on my part. I take down another guard and slide his gun between my breasts, keeping the first tight in my grip.
My parents are in the lobby when I start to make my way out of the building. As far as I can tell, there is no one left alive inside.
“Cassy! What have you done?”
I level the pistol at my father’s chest and fire.
“No!” my mother screams, falling to her knees beside him. “How could y—” She’s cut off with my final bullet. I drop the gun beside them and walk out, my vengeance spent.
Sitting in the Caravan, I start to laugh at the inevitability of everything.

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